What is a Fablab?

What is a FabLab? A FabLab is a fabrication laboratory, a place where everyone can turn ideas into real objects using publicly accessible machines.
At the same time, it is a place to share knowledge and ideas.

Who we are

We are a part of the local library, as such most of our staff are librarians.
You can find us on the first floor at Kongensgade 43 Nykøbing Falster, at the top of the stairs to the childrens library.


Prior to using the lab, you should to read the Fablab Charter, describing the rules of conduct in a Fablab.
Additional, you are required, to get an introduction to the labs rules and machines by an employee.

What can you create?

Near everything! A mechanism holding your phone while using your bicycle, fashionable coats, a model of your dream house or fancy furniture incorporating your face.
If you got the idea, the FabLab is the pace to turn your designs into reality, as prototype or final product.

A FabLab lets everyone test innovative technologies, and our employes stand ready to be of assistance to help beginners with their first project.

It is important to note, that the aim is prototyping and small scale production.
You are not allowed, to create series of the same item for sale.


Fablab Guldborgsund is free to use for everyone during opening hours.
On top of this, the use of most machines and materials is free too.
Currently the only machine with payment is our large format printer.
The reason being, that the materials are quite expensive, meaning what you pay, is what we pay.


If you want to visit with a bigger group or for questions, write to us via our Contactform.

The rest of the page is currently not translated into english.
If you have questions, please feel to write, or alternativly, you might use googles automatic translation for websites.
Results may vary, but it is better than nothing.